What we Offer:

We provide a full range of Dental and Maxillofacial services to an exacting standard, delivered by our Dentist using only the highest quality facilities, equipment, materials, and support services.

Exceptional unique skills

Our Doctors have extensive professional qualifications and experience, and above all, great communication skills and the best surgical hands in the business to guarantee optimal patient outcomes.

Exceptional Values

We pride ourselves on our rigorous adherence to professional ethics. Our philosophy to offer world class services to our patients.

We ensure that every recommendation and treatment plan is prudent, practical, affordable, logical and sensible. All treatment plans are tailored to match the patient’s needs, budget, age, lifestyle and long-term prognosis

Exceptional standards

At LDMC we strive to provide the best possible:

  • Systems and procedures
  • Education and professional development
  • Practice treatment protocols
  • Standards in sterility, consumables and instrumentation
  • Patient management and care

Putting Pateints at Ease

Most patients approach dentistry with a degree of trepidation, and Dental Surgery tends to evoke heightened levels of anxiety. All our staff are selected for their friendly personalities and comforting manner, each of us aiming to make every client contact a pleasant and relaxing experience.

Our Partner Insurance companies

LDMC has partnered with below insurance.