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Pediatric Dentistry

We undertake specialist dental treatment for those under 17 years of age, and deals with the etiology, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of oral disorders; and mouth conditions and teeth of children. The clinical service encompasses the acute and long term management of: ·

  • Dento-alveolar trauma problems, eg. injuries to the primary or permanent dentition.

complex developmental anomalies such as hypodontia, amelogenesis and dentinogenetic imperfecta as well as hypoplasia ·

behavior management (including use of inhalation sedation, intravenous sedation and general anesthesia) 
special care patients · those with multidisciplinary treatment needs involving other teams e.g. hypodontia, orthodontic/paediatric and paediatric restorative; oral medicine · surgical interventions e.g. impacted canines, supernumeraries, frenectomies, infraoccluded teeth · those with complex medical conditions who require dental input prior to their medical intervention e.g. organ transplants, immunosuppressed, · caries and behaviour management · those who are unable to accept treatment due to age or anxiety, and require either sedation or general anaesthesia for conservation and extractions. Our patients include: · Children with dental trauma, anomalies of the teeth where the number, size, shape or quality is affected · Children with special needs and medically compromised oral pathology · Extremely anxious patients who may need sedation or general anaesthetic, for treatment of caries or orthodontic conditions requiring surgery